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Who We Are

Innovative Knitwear (dba Sama) has been producing and exporting specialty knitwear for 10years. We work the most highly skilled Artisan groups in and around Lima as well as in Cuzco and Puno.

Our hand-knit and embroidery groups empower women to generate income and economic independence while working from or near home so that they can maintain work-life balance and be with their children.

Our training with these groups helps them expand their skill sets and achieve best in class quality control, which is proven in our ongoing relationships with our clients.

Dedicated to Improving Women's Lives

These skills are passed on to other women in their families, friends, neighbors, and the surrounding community. This money gives them greater independence and allows them to invest in their children’s educations, health, and well-being. It makes us very proud the be a positive force in these communities and these women’s lives.

Our handloom and hand weaving Artisans are maintaining and enhancing longstanding traditional production methods that led to some of the most unique of high-quality garments available to the apparel market. Maintaining these art forms is important for the people in these regions of Peru, but also for everyone, as we all benefit from the artistry the create, which has been handed down for generations.

Committed to Fair Trade and Proudly Peruvian

Fair trade practices are at the heart of Sama. We go beyond investing in training to ensure that facilities are places that meet labor security standards, that there is no child labor, no discrimination, and that at every step people are paid fair wages.

In addition to maintaining fair trade standards and investing in communities, we draw from the many luxurious natural fibers available in our region. These include the finest alpaca, soft highland wool, Peruvian

Pima cotton, and others. We believe that most of the world’s most truly luxury fibers are also natural and sustainable and utilizing these treasures is an important part of our mission. Peru is a nexus of rich textile tradition and resources. We want to show this to the world!