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Women Owned

Founder and CEO Eunice Moran

Learning from the women leaders in her life and from years of dedicated work, Eunice built her dream based on trust, communication, service, and attention to quality. She was born in a humble home in Nana, northeast of Lima in the early 70s. Her father was a hard worker, always giving his best, and her mother was always at home taking care of her and her two brothers, giving them unwavering support as they grew up. In highshcool, she dreamt of being an accountant and worked hard to get a scholarship for Accounting at the Peruvian Adventist University Union. While studying at the University she was blessed to get her first job at one of the first and most important exporting companies of alpaca garments at the time, Artesanias Mon Repos.

There she met two important women set the stage for the rest of her career in the Peruvian apparel industry. They gave me the opportunity to learn about all areas of the company and taught to her work efficiently, with strong values and with careful attention to detail. In 1999, she was able to travel to Switzerland where she learned what one can achieve with hard work and courage, an inspiration that motivated her throughout her career. Ever since that first job she had when she was 19, she's dedicated herself to Peruvian apparel.

10 years ago, after many years of working to give Peruvian textiles a global stage, Eunice used her years of experience and what she had learned to start Innovative Knitwear. What began as a few loyal clients turned into a few more and then a lot more, as she grew the business through strong relationships and recommendations. The growth of Innovative Knitwear and its customer loyalty is due to developing good relationships based on trust, good communication, high quality products, and personal attention to clients. Eunice is grateful to God and to each of the women who mentored her along the way as they prepared her for the great challenge of forming her own company.